Life as we want it in the 21st Century

If we think the game should be played on a more participatory field, if we things can be done better, we must say what we like!  The New Rules was founded for that single purpose, to summarize the values we expect in a civil society, based on your ideas and your favored sources (recommended books, movies, articles and websites) illustrating how you want your life:  your private life — your work life — your civic life — the global values you think hold us all together.  Your ideas are collected into “new rules,” each of which is an hypothesis updated as we receive new comments.

It’s our social contract for the 21st Century.  That’s simply how it works.

You are encouraged to comment on any post or, even better, to send an original idea of your own, a “New Thought” where it is easy to include your own images and links.

If you are curious how it all started, it began with post-its on our dining room wall.

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