Migrating GooseIn an urbanized, polarized, and time-deficit world contact with the world that sustains our very existence is being lost!

  • Important scientific, social and economic knowledge gets lost in information overload.
  • Highly developed specialties have little time to interact with companion disciplines or to evaluate their impact on overall human progress.
  • For both citizens who vote and for those chosen to govern this paucity of integrated information precludes making good political and economic decisions.

Solutions:  Schools and universities should have more time and resources to fill this gap.   Communications industries, licensed to operate by the government, should be held to a high standard of providing high quality, inclusive environmental and scientific information.  Fewer “reality” shows and more real stuff, made to the highest quality and appeal of the best media communications.  These should feature researchers, small-scale owners of natural resources, different voices from environmental and industrial groups affecting sustainable resource needs for the long-term survival of the planet.

Time to shift government funding and lobbying priorities form military technology to making sure we survive at all!


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