People need to be both productive and creative — as a normal expectation .  It is the balance of productive work and progress that makes life worthwhile at any place:

  1. in the home
  2. at workHomelessFemaleTeen-300x200
  3. among friends and community.

The master plan of every nation should provide for a balance, a prioritization of economic resources that provide opportunity to all for whom that nation is accountable:

  1. to support themselves at a sustainable and decent level
  2. to access affordable means to advance
  3. to provide basic decency for those who cannot help themselves

un_poverty_children_20121009Economists and sociologists have always recognized that a certain percentage of the population cannot, is trapped, or generally will not work for their own welfare.  In a civil society, decent public accommodations should be provided for their care, managed by those who understand and know how to manage this need.  If there is to be public support, there have to be rules established so that the society’s sharing is: effective, compassionate and strategically managed.

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