Original Post-Its

Our site began informally, during regular gatherings with friends who like to read, celebrate and discuss what we thought we’re “world-changing ideas.”  We started putting these on 3×3 inch post-its that eventually filled our dining room wall — with complimentary ideas, books, movies, and even great recipes that made our evenings particularly enjoyable.

We started organizing our diverse ideas into coherent topics that described how we would best like to live, work, and celebrate – in short into a “social contract for the 21st century.

We wanted our site to duplicate the feeling we have leaving a good dinner party – heading home with ideas, new books and movies for our own lists – ideas that help us:

  • think
  • laugh
  • enjoy one another’s company
  • and create

We hope you will find our site the same: enjoyable and intriguing!  So, have friends over, discuss your world-changing ideas and send us your thoughts.