picI have a friend who needs a doctor, and probably a neurologist “real bad” right now!  A very hard-working man throwing up with migraines.

“Well, I’ve got all my paperwork in, and I’m waiting to hear back.  My last PA said I really needed a MRI  but that’s a thousand bucks and I really can’t do that.  I’m trying to get on the state health plan but that takes a while, and I need to work!”

Basic healthcare is for all — no one should have to live in fear or pain.  There is everything right with everyone having access to basic care and nothing wrong with their having it if it adds to, not takes away from someone else.  Care should not be tied to your job.  The cost of and the level of care can be assisted by your employer, but your basic right to no anxiety over your health should not be part of the problem.

Why cannot those who can go to the moon not devise systems that protect us all in the most basic of ways?

Fixing this blot on our civil landscape is overdue!  Suggestions?

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