Tomato CropAn Amsterdam museum director said, “What we’re seeing in a reality dominated by a virtual is that, people want to experience real things.” Whether it be a Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum or a slightly flawed, but highly tasty tomato —  people have an underlying need for the real things.

There is nothing quite so unreal as the food in our supermarkets — always in season, looks great, and tastes so unlike the real, imperfect things.

Spinach and Lettuce Starts - Feb.

February “Starts”

Yet, there is nothing quite so satisfying to grow, easy to harvest and satisfying to use than the outside leaves in the fresh gleanings of a small row of garden spinach – actually less time-consuming than the total effort of the store-bought.   A little row can last three months.  I am always sad to see its season end, but look forward to another season.   Such a nice surprise1!   So, just grow a little row!spinach-and-rice-salad

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