Great humanitarian examples that work


Ashley Gilbertson VII for Unicef

Take care of the “least of these” my brothers is the mantra of civilized societies and of most great religions — the human charge to stand in when some of the less of us are in need.

We are now asking those who have little or no reserves to take on an undue burden, in Greece and other small countries foundering under the refugee surge.

As more privileged nations we seem paralyzed in “why we can’t” rather than “how we can,” stagnant while others die or migrate from their homes —  too easily forgetting that we evolved from a world that always held a door open for the stranger: the traveler, the wanderer, the refugee.  That’s how we evolve into civility.

Various agencies of the United Nations are trying to help, and as usual need two things: more funding and more nations willing to help. Look at what the Canadians are doing, where the rubber hits the road in compassion.


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