Team of business people standing together and looking upward - Looking to a bright future — business people looking to a bright future

Creating sustainable jobs and personal wealth is the foundation of national treasure, not to be abused or squandered, or you abuse yourself.  It is an asset whose viability rests on:

  • those who invested in its creation,
  • those who worked to see it to fulfillment, and
  • the public at large who provided the market, and the intellectual and physical infrastructure that enabled and secured the enterprise.

Business enterprises of the future should be structured to achieve these objectives:

  • make sure that the enterprise is on solid economic grounds and provides an economic return to its founders and investors
  • reward its employees as contributors to that success
  • provide an opportunity for public investment, and
  • avoid public or private speculation in its equity
  • conduct itself as a nationally participatory, competitive, non-monopolistic entity.

These done, the entire community is vested in the success of new and lasting enterprises.

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