For a taxing system to have substantial and willing compliance, its burden must be fairly shared, and perceived to be shared, by all participants in the society.

Flying in the face of this rule is one of the predominant methods of the rich and powerful —  to rig or avoid the national tax codes.  Through lobbyists (lawyers, accountants and ex-legislators) the powerful systematically avoid paying a fair share into the national tax base.
Solutions mean:

  • the the tax code is adjusted to assure sharing the burden
  • the terms of compliance are clear and readily enforceable
  • law firms and accountants must maintain a fiduciary responsibility with the law for complianceto hold their licenses they
  • direct non-compliance will result in denial of a national license to do business

The “bottom line” of wealthy corporations and families needs to be the same as other citizens –  to maintain the health and economic viability of the system that allowed them to succeed in the first place.

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