Rule - Huge Crowd

Those in power (public, private and institutional) must understand and act on a more objective, scientific knowledge of how we can sustain our existence — from the resources we use, to the wastes we generate, to the water and air degradation we tolerate, to the jobs we create.

Carl Sagan observed that man’s greatest challenge is to understand his place in the universe.  On our lesser, earth-scale we must deal with what we have:  how much of earth is there and how many of us can our system support with a level of acceptable decency?  The suffering and rebellion of peoples across our globe is the first indicator of universal dissatisfaction with what we have done to date.

Those holding power have a mandate to:

  • objectively understand limited resources and
  • insist on transparent systems following the rules of universal civility.

The minds so successful at developing algorithms for commerce might be better used working on understanding more fundamental survival systems.  Otherwise there may little to hold power over.